Flex Elbows

UPCYCLE 2×3 Flex Elbow

Flex Elbow for attaching from downspout to discharge into barrel opening. 2x3 inch size Flex Elbow will extend from 8 to 18 inches long. It fits standard 2x3 rectangular or up to 3x3 square downspouts. It makes it very easy to wrap a downspout around the corner of a building or house in order to better conceal the Rain Barrel. It also makes installation of discharge into Rain Barrel easier, without having to modify aluminum or plastic downspouts. Simply cut the downspout where you want to install flex elbow and then slide it in place. You will need no other tools to install other than a saw to cut downspout.

Flex Elbows come in two sizes: 2x3 downspout & 3x4 downspout.