About Us

Company History and Philosophies

We started our company nearly 17 years ago. The small town we lived in was forced to enact zero watering bans due to an undersized well-water system. The area had experienced exponential growth and the infrastructure for freshwater had not been increased fast enough to absorb the extra homeowners.

We live on 1-3/4 acres and have always loved gardening and growing things. When the watering ban was put in place, we lost nearly $3500.00 worth of fruit trees, perennial gardens, vegetable, and berry patches. That fall, I made my first barrels. We have 11 barrels on our property and have not used a drop of city water for 18 years.

We started our company and, in the last 13 years, have grown to where we have sold and shipped over 16,000 barrels last year and are on our way to do over 18,000 this year.