Upcycle Rain Barrels and Composters

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The term “upcycling” generally refers to a practice in which a throwaway is repurposed into something of greater utilization and intrinsic worth. This process ultimately leads to a reinvestment in the environment. At Upcycle Products Inc. in Morris, IL, we are committed to utilizing this method in manufacturing rain barrels as well as stationary and tumbling composters.

Our Process

In producing our items, we use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) barrels with food-grade quality. These containers were previously used for food storage. We make sure to clean and rinse the barrels with rainwater, then add the fittings and screens needed to make them functional.

Commitment to Quality

Having been in business for more than two decades, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver products that are nothing short of excellent. Keep in mind, however, that the container shapes will vary slightly depending on what barrels are available for upcycling when you order.

For more information about our wholesale, municipal, retail, and educational programs, reach out to us today. You may also contact us for any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you soon!