Rain Barrels and Composters!

Manufacturers of Rain Barrels, Stationary Composters, & Tumbling Composters

The term UpCycle is generally a reinvestment in the environment. In the simplest terms, upcycling is the practice of taking something that is throwaway and repurposing it into something of greater utilization and intrinsic worth, in its second life, which is what we do here at Upcycle Products.

We are manufacturers of rain barrels and composters. We use Food Quality High Density Poly Ethylene Barrels that were previously used for food. We clean and rinse them with rain water, add the fittings and screens for your use. The shapes will vary depending on what barrels are available for upcycling at the time of order. The barrels will contain all the fittings needed to make your rain barrel very functional.

We also offer information about wholesale, municipal, retail and educational programs.

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